Nyami Studio, established in September 2022, is a research-based design studio with a unique origin story. The founders crossed paths during a humanitarian construction project in rural Zambia, where they collaborated on designing and constructing a kindergarten for the children of Shiyala Village. 

Nyami Studio's mission revolves around empowering rural communities through knowledge sharing via NGOs, schools, and workshops. Committed to making a positive impact through research and construction, the studio also seeks to enhance construction education in underserved areas. The founders aim to create transformative experiences and foster lasting relationships that extend beyond construction.

The studio places a strong emphasis on education that integrates real-life situations, providing a collaborative platform for solutions. They advocate for the significance of sustainable, carbon-zero design and its long-term benefits. Nyami Studio, as a research-based entity, is dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of the communities they assist and the individuals who engage with their projects.

The Team





Nyami Noohani School

Status: Under Construction

Situated in the heart of Fateh Kahn Noohani Village, nestled within the province of Sindh, is the Nyami Noohani School. 

With fewer than one hundred residential buildings sheltering 400 villagers and lacking basic amenities such as running water and electricity, Fateh Kahn Noohani Village epitomises the challenges faced by rural areas. Following the 2022 floods, the death of infrastructure and educational opportunities underscores the vital importance of initiatives spearheaded by individuals like Yasmeen Lari and The Heritage Foundation, who took us on board to develop an educational model which would be part of their initiatives that currently mainly focus on housing and food security. 

The long term goal, to ensure this model is distributed amongst the many villages who need it.